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Let me show you here, why I’m so fit!

I give my body all the vital ingredients which it needs every day. Not with various extracts, powders and / or drops, but with delicious juice and green coffee.

Even losing weight, in other words „resetting“ your body and stimulating your metabolism, is very easy with Body ReStart from hajoona

h-ONE+ Nutrion

h-ONE+ offers surprisingly many and valuable vital elements and anti-radicals.

As a result h-ONE+ , thanks to its' many natural and thoughtfully assembled vital elements, is a Best-in-One functional drink.


Green coffee with Ling Zhi, Maitake. Acai, proteins & more...

h-SUN+ is not just a revolutionary Product! Keep your shape in mind and use it as your ideal companion for a positive start to your day - or simply for a break inbetween!

h-SUN+ clean I + II

Purify your gut in 14 days with h-SUN+ clean I & II.

Within the 14 days I recommend the targeted gut revitalization with a combination of prebiotic and probiotic ingredients in h-SUN clean II.

body ReStart

The hajoona body ReStart-Regimen is a unique combination of hajoona-gut-cleansing, pH-basic nutrition to balance the acidic-basic-household in the body, a dietary supplement with hajoona-products and a program of sport and fitness excercises.

Body & Mind

H-SUN+ Green Coffee with the Chinese medicinial mushrooms:

Ling Zhi and Maitake meet the medicinal mushroom Cordyceps senensis as a special ingredient and form aunique combination: 

h-SUN+ Body & Mind- more power for body and mind. The vitalizing and anti-oxidative effect of our green coffee is now sensibly supplemented by. The „mushroom of the emperors“ – vitalizing, regenerating and performance enhancing.

h-ONE+ Zellpower

The new add-on for h-ONE+ Nutrution.

As a useful addition to your h-ONE + Nutrition, hajoona  

h-ONE+ Zellpower has developed the booster for your cell protection & your immune system. It combines the power of valuable, highly concetrated oils from currant seeds, moringa and rosemary with the protectiv and constructiv effects of omega 3 and vitamin D3.

h-ONE+ kids Juice

Thoughtful recipe for children in growth

Children in growth have special needs. The kids’ body is under a permanent change and growth and for a normal functioning kids body our children need lot of nutrients. The immune system, bones, joints, muscles and our children’s brain (for proven better concentration in school and other fields) need vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Pure Selection

he hajoona Pure Selection- a fine selection for your well-

being. The box consists of an H-SUN + clean cure (clean I + II), h-SUN + Green Coffee, h-ONE + aronia pomegranate drink and a modern information brochure. Ready packed in a high quality „To-Go“ box. Also ideal as a gift.

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